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Note: Design Forward LLC is proud to have served the Southern California area designing straw bale homes for over 15 years. However, we have moved on to other business ventures and have closed the business as of January 2017. We will not taking any new projects or responding to phone and email requests. This website will be left up as an archive of data for straw bale and design. You may find that some of the links are broken or out of date, but we will not be updating this site any longer. Thank you!
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Logo Button AutoCAD Straw Bale Detail Library CD [$19.95]

Straw BaleA comprehensive unique collection of AutoCAD details for STRAW BALE residential construction. The details included are Doors & Windows, Foundation, Roof, Walls, and Miscellaneous. Compatible with AutoCAD Version 2000 and up. One of kind collection of AutoCAD details for Straw Bale construction. Produced by Design Forward .

Logo Button AutoCAD Detail and Block Library CD [$24.95] SOLD OUT

Detail LibraryA complete collection of Structural and Architectural details plus 400 2-D and 3-D blocks professionally created in AutoCAD for residential construction. There is now over 750 files on this disk! Compatible with AutoCAD Version 2000 and up. This complete collection of details and blocks is must have! Produced by Design Forward.

Please Note: 9.0% CA Sales Tax will be added to all CDs shipped to California Addresses.
Shipping costs are for the US, please contact us for International rates.

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Logo Button The Comprehensive Guide to Building with Straw Bales- Post and Beam Infill DVD

This comprehensive DVD set contains invaluable information to help you save time and money on your straw bale building projects. The latest research in the field of straw bale design and construction is presented. (2 hours 58 minutes on 2 DVDs) The DVD includes:

  • A complete list of recommended tools for each stage of the baling project.
  • All of the necessary safety features for building with straw bales
  • Tips for preparing for the local building codes before you begin construction
  • Foundation Details and Tips
  • Tips and Techniques for Framing Your Straw Bale Structure
  • Tips and Techniques for Preparing to Build Your Straw Bale Walls - How to Build Your Toe-Ups
  • A Primer for Working with Straw Bales
  • All You Need to Know About Box Beam Construction
  • Electrical Details
  • Cleaning Up the Straw Bale Walls Prior to Putting Up Your Wire Mesh
  • How to Put Windows Into A Straw Bale Building
  • All the Tips and Techniques for Applying Wire Mesh to Your Straw Bale Walls
  • The Interior: Windows, Corners, and Rounded Details to Your Straw Bale Walls
  • Plumbing, Cabinet Hanging, Interior Wall Partitions, High Rain Environments, and Other Considerations
  • Introduction to Lime Plaster
  • The Scratch Coat- Your Initial Coat of Plaster
  • The Brown Coat Application- Your Second Coat of Plaster
  • We Will Demonstrate All the Techniques to Use to Get a Smooth Finish on Different Aspects of Your Structure.
  • The Finish Coat- Your Final Plaster Application

All of this for $39.99 and "Nothing To Lose Guarantee" - BUY NOW...Click Here

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Logo Button The How-To Guide to Plastering with Natural Hydraulic Lime Plaster DVD

Plastering DVDThis DVD offers a truly comprehensive, step by step approach to plastering with the amazing Natural Hydraulic Lime Plaster. When we say "step by step" we mean it. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that each part of the plastering process is covered and we bring you the very latest information, from tips on mixing each coat, to the easiest plastering techniques to use on each aspect of your wall, to detailed instructions on how to apply the final plaster coat for a smooth and beautiful finish. With these techniques you will reduce or eliminate many of the common headaches associated with the plastering process.

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Logo Button The How-To Guide to Building With Straw Bales -- Load Bearing DVD

Concrete DVDThis DVD offers a complete step by step guide that walks you through the exact details needed to build a load bearing straw bale structure.

The delivery of the course is unique -it’s set up in a day by day breakdown of the process that allows you to properly allocate the time you will need to build the exact structure used as a teaching piece in the DVD. It is the perfect practice structure for anyone interested in building their own home.

Only $39.99 and "100% One Year Money Back Guarantee" BUY NOW...Click Here

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Logo Button The How-To Guide to Building a Monolithic Concrete Slab Foundation DVD

Concrete DVDThis DVD offers a truly comprehensive, step by step approach that explains how to build a concrete slab foundation from start to finish. See the site before construction and and watch the step-by-step process of how you can create a perfect concrete slab foundation! (1 hour)

Only $39.99 and "Nothing To Lose Guarantee" BUY NOW...Click Here

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Revised April 6, 2017