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Note: Design Forward LLC is proud to have served the Southern California area designing straw bale homes for over 15 years. However, we have moved on to other business ventures and have closed the business as of January 2017. We will not taking any new projects or responding to phone and email requests. This website will be left up as an archive of data for straw bale and design. You may find that some of the links are broken or out of date, but we will not be updating this site any longer. Thank you!
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December 2003
Design Forward
 Sustainable Concepts . Design Forward Newsletter 
December 2003 
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Welcome to the December 2003 newsletter for Design Forward. Please take some time to enjoy this month's features.

Quote of the Month: "The dialogue between client and architect is about as intimate as any conversation you can have, because when you're talking about building a house, you're talking about dreams." - Robert A. M. Stern

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  • Sustainable Yoga Center
  • Earth Friendly Planet Consumer Website Guide 2004!
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  • Feedback

  • Earth Friendly Planet Consumer Website Guide 2004!
    Introducing the launch of Earth Friendly Planet's Consumer Website Guide. Designed to be the definitive handy little guide for all who care about the earth and all its inhabitants, this beautiful little book printed on recycled paper with soy inks is an invaluable reference worldwide for vegans, vegetarians, environmentalists, organic gardeners and all others who believe that consumer power is the answer for helping the earth back on its feet.

    Designed in a handy pocket sized A6 size with attractive non bleached pages and green vegetable based color inks, it is packed full of 208 pages of everything under the sun you need to live an ethical, earth friendly life that benefits all beings. Each company's website has been extensively vetted to ensure that their entire range complies totally with our stringent Ethical Policy (see below) so you may be assured that all purchases will benefit the earth's creatures. Vegans, vegetarians, environmentalists and those interested in ethical consumerism can purchase ANY product from ANY company listed in the guide, with total assurance that all products and services are totally people, animal and earth friendly. Each company has a website listing, short description of their company and brief outline of their products or services.

    The mission of this simple little guide is to encourage consumer power amongst those who care for the earth, helping to support those companies who put principle before profit and encourage not only their success, but to enlarge the range of earth friendly products on sale in stores and also to inspire other companies to follow suit. It is envisaged to be an evolving process, with each company checked annually with more companies being added as and when they are found. If you have customers in North America, Europe or Oceania, this little book will be an invaluable source that will hopefully pay for itself in the tips on energy conservation, purchase of energy conserving products and great value ethical products.

    The book is available through www.amazon.co.uk and it is also being sold to online vegan, vegetarian, environmental and ethical stores and health and gift stores with the aim of eventually also being sold to health food store distributors worldwide. Article & Picture Earth Friendly Planet Consumer Website Guide 2004

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    For Outlook 2003 & AOL 9.0 Users
    In our ever-changing Internet world, spam has become a bigger problem for everyone. Microsoft and AOL's newest released versions have added an extra layer of protection. These new programs now block images and links from unknown senders. Design Forward would like to continue sending all our users quality newsletters. If you have upgraded to resent versions of your email programs, please read on...

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    Design Forward works toward promoting Sustainable Design. If you know of a project that should be featured, please contact us. Let us know why you think it should be featured and give us a basic intro to the project, the sustainable elements and any websites or contact information.

    If you would like to submit a fun and/or entertaining quote about architecture, building, the environment or such, send it in! If it at all possible, include the author.

    If you have any other feedback concerning this publication, please feel free to send an email or use the form.

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    Sustainable Yoga Center
    Portal San Miguel Yoga Center in Baja California Sur, Mexico was conceived as a non-denominational sanctuary dedicated to providing its guests with a transformational experience in an extraordinary setting. Situated on 4,000 acres in the remote mountains of Southern Baja California, the facilities at Portal San Miguel will reflect the rich natural environment, drawing inspiration from Nature, while expanding on local building traditions and passive solar principals.

    Soaring translucent roofs cover the most public facilities-the yoga pavilion and dining hall-while vined trellises and palapas (palm frond thatch) protect support facilities. Walls are created of earth-coated straw-bales, native rock and stone, and chiname (woven stick screen). Fresh and recycled water systems bring comfort and delight throughout the site. An extensive trail system provides easy access to breathtaking overlooks, dipping pools, magical gardens and awe-inspiring natural meditation groves.

    The core program of Portal San Miguel will incorporate teachings and practices from spiritual and wisdom traditions from around the world; with massage and other support services. Portal San Miguel is being built upon the principles of service, respect and integrity, which will be reflected in all aspects of its development and operation.

    This project is not built and the completion date is unknown. The firm, Arkin Tilt Architects, is an award- winning firm specializing in energy and resource efficient design. Article & Picture Arkin Tilt Architects.

    More about Arkin Tilt Architects...

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