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Note: Design Forward LLC is proud to have served the Southern California area designing straw bale homes for over 15 years. However, we have moved on to other business ventures and have closed the business as of January 2017. We will not taking any new projects or responding to phone and email requests. This website will be left up as an archive of data for straw bale and design. You may find that some of the links are broken or out of date, but we will not be updating this site any longer. Thank you!
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January 2004
Design Forward
 Sustainable Concepts . Design Forward Newsletter 
January 2004 
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Happy New Year! Welcome to the January 2004 newsletter from Design Forward. Please take some time to enjoy this month's features.

Quote of the Month: "Nothing is as simple as we hope it will be." - Jim Horning

in this issue
  • The Tricom Building
  • 'Tis the season to recycle
  • Energy Bill Blocked
  • New Website Feature
  • Feedback

  • 'Tis the season to recycle
    So now that all the presents have been opened and all the food has been eaten we are ready to move into the New Year. But before the tree, used Christmas cards and empty food containers hits the trash, be sure to check out local recycling programs.

    Real Christmas trees, wreaths and mistletoe can be recycled into mulch. Look out for local drop off programs. Take holiday cards to recycle centers (and don't forget about all those mailers and newspapers) or use them to make next season's cards. Next year, if you do buy any, look out for recycled ones.

    Soda cans, fruit cans, coffee tins can all be recycled. Don't worry about separating aluminum and steel, the machines will take care of it. Glass jars and bottles should always be recycled. Glass can be recycled again and again without losing quality, so it is important to keep it out of landfills.

    Check the 'Featured Links' (on the right) to find programs for your recycling needs. Article Design Forward. Picture freefoto.com

    Energy Bill Blocked
    On Nov 21, 2003, Congress voted 57-40 to block the energy bill that would have given many tax credits including the $14.5 billion in tax breaks for fossil-fuel industries and increased oil and gas drilling on public lands. Supports were only 2 votes shy of the needed number to bring this issue to a final vote.

    Those opposing the bill were optimistic that this is a good step. "For the moment we've killed it," Robert F. Kennedy Jr., senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, said. "And it's a huge victory for all the environmental community and the American people."

    Senate Minority Whip Harry Reid, D-Nev also stated, "This bill was going nowhere, we just did it quickly rather than prolong it... It is inevitable, this bill is history." But Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., vowed to persist. "This will not be the last vote on this bill," he said. "We're going to keep voting until we pass it and get it to the president."

    Article Design Forward

    Article on CNN »

    New Website Feature
    Design Forward has added a new feature to our website... You can now add an event via a submission form. We will add your information to our site on the 'Events' page within 24 hours. This new feature will add more visibility to your events. We hope this new feature will help your events be even more successful.

    The submission form is can be found by visiting our Events Page and clicking the [ Add an Event ] link.

    Check it out... »

    Design Forward works toward promoting Sustainable Design. If you know of a project that should be featured, please contact us. Let us know why you think it should be featured and give us a basic intro to the project, the sustainable elements and any websites or contact information.

    If you would like to submit a fun and/or entertaining quote about architecture, building, the environment or such, send it in! If it at all possible, include the author.

    If you have any other feedback concerning this publication, please feel free to send an email or use the form.

    Contact Form... »

    The Tricom Building
    The Tricom Building, located in Pasadena, CA, was recently completed by the Yorkshire Development. The commercial building is not only multifunctional in its design - office, showroom and warehouse space, but also distinctive in its many sustainable and environmentally sound features. Yorkshire Development is currently assembling the required documentation for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, the rating system of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Once approved, The Tricom Building will be the first LEED certified building in the San Gabriel Valley.

    Some of its many sustainable features include: Green-E certified, renewable power; low or no VOC paints, sealants, and adhesives; recycled materials; daylighting enhanced by the installation of a solar tube, skylights, and glass blocks; Energy Star appliances; construction waste management plan implemented to divert construction waste from landfills; and 88% of underground parking to reduce urban heat island effect. In total, the building currently exceeds Title 24 by 23% through use of high efficiency lighting, R-38 formaldehyde free insulation, dual glazed windows, energy efficient HVAC system, day lighting and a passive solar design. The addition of a 31kw AC photovoltaic system, the building exceeds Title 24 by 57%.

    Adding character to the building, several materials for the building were salvaged. The door to the conference room was salvaged from a 1920s hotel, the marble countertop in the executive restroom was salvaged from the old Santa Fe Rail Station in Los Angeles, the marble countertop in the men's room was also salvaged, and some of the tile in the building was reused from Pasadena Showcase Houses.

    Picture Yorkshire Development. Reference: Annie Argento, Yorkshire Development, 2003.

    More about the Yorkshire Development...

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