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Note: Design Forward LLC is proud to have served the Southern California area designing straw bale homes for over 15 years. However, we have moved on to other business ventures and have closed the business as of January 2017. We will not taking any new projects or responding to phone and email requests. This website will be left up as an archive of data for straw bale and design. You may find that some of the links are broken or out of date, but we will not be updating this site any longer. Thank you!
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Straw Bale Workshops with StrawBale.com, various dates
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Event Straw Bale Workshops

Ongoing, world-wide straw bale workshops hosted by StrawBale.com
Join us for an intensely fun, completely hands-on, and wildly educational 7 day straw bale workshop! Our workshops are totally hands-on and you will be baling, wiring, plumbing, and plastering on real homes...no 'mock-up' walls here! The pace is relaxed and fun yet amazingly productive and efficient.Each workshop includes 3 full meals per day (you won't be hungry!), camping accommodations, bathing facilities, and everyone is encouraged to stay on site. So, come and join us for a week of serious fun and learning you won't forget!

The seven day comprehensive workshop is designed to teach participants everything they need to know to build their own straw bale structure. We work with structures that enable the participants to learn, hands on, about many facets of straw bale construction. Specific topics covered in the construction of the structures are:

- Toe Up Installation
- Bale Stacking
- Bale Re-Tying and Alteration
- Window and Door Installation
- Box Beam Construction and Installation
- Framing Considerations
- Electrical Work as Required
- Plumbing Installations as Required
- Hanging Cabinets
- Tying in Interior Partition Walls
- Shaping Bales and Corners
- Creating Niches
- Wire Mesh and Bale Pinning
- Plaster Prep Work
- Natural Plastering
- Lectures and Q&A Sessions

Cost see site
Info www.StrawBaleWorkshops.com

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* Note: These events are not hosted by Design Forward, please see contact information provided.

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